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Hawthorne Cole C. Mercedes Wilson

Hawthorne Cole

C. Mercedes Wilson

Published May 31st 2015
Kindle Edition
164 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What would you do if you found a superstar’s wallet? That is exactly what Isabel Rob-erts must figure out. She realizes that she can’t return it to just anyone. Isabel takes a wild ride in her quest to meet the famous and gorgeous Hawthorne Cole. His agent, Kyle Sanderson, thinks she is a gold digger, and tries to convince her to give up the wallet so that he can be done with her. Her stubborn aspiration to return it to Hawthorne Cole him-self proves to be no easy feat, with Sanderson plotting against her. Upon finally meeting Cole, its love at first sight. Her life spins out of control in his world of celebrity and glamour, until she overhears a conversation that brings her new life crashing down around her.